Santa Cruz Educators Inspired by Common Core

Santa Cruz Administrator’s Kick-Off
Tuesday, August 13, 8:00 – 12:00
Seascape Golf Course

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Elementary Sessions

  1. Writers Workshop: Vine Hill, Scotts Valley, Michelle Stewart (P), Crystal Gianopoulos, Sonya Lantz, Peggy Benjamin
  2. Professional Learning Communities in Math: Monarch, Santa Cruz City, Michele McKinney, Jessica McCurdy
  3. Number Talks and Mathematical Practices: Mar Vista, Pajaro Valley, Todd Livingstone (P), Danny Jacobsmeyer
  4. Growing Engaged Readers with CCSS: Valencia, Pajaro Valley, Kelley Didion (P), Susan Murphy, Monica LaFleur

Middle School Sessions

  1. Text Sets for Argument Writing: Lakeview, Pajaro Valley, Ken Woods (P), Judy Woods, Theresa Rainey
  2. Project Based Learning, Technology and Common Core: EA Hall, Pajaro Valley, Olga de Santa Anna (P), Daniel Levy, Randall Braun
  3. Pyramid of Interventions & Common Core: SLV Middle, San Lorenzo Valley, Jeff Calden (P), Jennifer Lahey
  4. MARS Tasks and Performance Tasks: Scotts Valley MS, Mary Lonhart (P), Sumita Jaggar, Sylvia Jacobson

High School Sessions

  1. Literacy Design Collaborative: SC/SVNTP, Cynthia Balthaser, Melissa Roberts, Sophie Orgish
  2. Using Quotes to Support Argument Writing: Aptos High, Pajaro Valley, Casey O’Brien (P), Barrett Vitol
  3. Technology Integration & CCSS & NGSS: Pajaro Valley High, Pancho Rodriguez (P), Rob Hoffman, Dutch Tessier
  4. Text Sets for Argument Writing: Allies Project, Judy Woods, Theresa Rainey