Internet Connectivity

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education is offering a variety of services to help all county schools connect to the Internet via high speed digital lines. As part of this gateway, we offer web services, email, domain name service and firewall protection, just to name a few. This service not ony provides schools a path to the Internet, but a safe and secure Intranet for transmission of data. Listed below are our services:

Internet Access

Dialup Accounts

Email Accounts

Please call Tina Dinsmore at 466-5888 for information on acquiring or changing an email account.

Spam Filtering and Email Virus Detection Services

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Here we provide information regarding the current status of nodes on the network, as well as historical data of network utilization and performance.

Technical Assistance – Hardware/Software/LAN/WAN

Hosting of School Site Web Pages on County Servers

Video Services

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education offers a variety of videoconferencing and streaming network-based video services to schools in the county.

Ports Project
SCCOE Director, Technology-Infrastructure, David Barnett was instrumental in connecting the PORTS facility at Seacliff State Beach to the Digital California Project through the Santa Cruz County Office of Education. The Seacliff facility is the first regional distance learning center in operation. Find out more about the PORTS project here.