2016 Santa Cruz County Math Contest

While most students look forward to Saturday as a day to sleep in, on Saturday April 30,2016, 359 students in grades 5-8 poured onto the Aptos High School campus to engage in Mathematics. While 7 squared may not have been a question on the test it does signify the 49 years the Santa Cruz County Office of Education has offered the math contest. Students were supported by 111 teachers, parents, and other volunteers.

standing student and adultStudents participate in two different tests, team and individual. The team competition requires students work together using problem-solving strategies, showing work and providing clear and detailed explanations. April 30th found 62 teams in grades 5/6 and 32 teams in grades 7/8. The individual test for all grade levels uses a free response format.

All participants receive a certificate of participation while the top students receive medals with first place individual winners receiving a TI calculator. The top three teams in each grade level resulted in 50 students earning medals. Thirteen students earned top awards in the individual contest.

Congratulations to all students and adults for showing an interest and passion for mathematics!

2016 Individual Math Awards

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Individual Awards School Student Name
Grade 5
First Place Westlake Elementary Gabriel Orange
Second Place San Lorenzo Valley Elementary Max Gross
Third Place Brook Knoll Elementary Marcus Ewell
Grade 6
First Place Rio Del Mar Elementary Nate Allen
Second Place (tie) Mission Hill Middle School, San Lorenzo Valley Middle School Laura Wang, Darlina Williams
Third Place Mar Vista Elementary Travis Melton
Grade 7
First Place Mission Hill Middle School Pranav Parekh
Second Place Pacific Collegiate School Anjali Zope
Third Place Mission Hill Middle School Julia Bates
Grade 8
First Place Pacific Collegiate School Erin deCastongrene
Second Place Scotts Valley Middle School Nika Gladkov
Third Place Mission Hill Middle School Jessica Fairlie