Student Programs

Student & Personnel  Services provides these direct services to students:

Alternative Education Programs

Alternative Education Programs are unique educational programs for adolescents who have had limited success in traditional school settings. Over 1,000 students are served annually, receiving individual and small group instruction in a friendly and supportive environment. The focus of the program is on academics, independent living skills, school-to-work transition and self-esteem. Students can receive a high school diploma or prepare for the California High School Proficiency and/or General Education Development (GED) examinations.

Career Advancement Charter

The Career Advancement Charter’s mission is to provide a premier program for students to obtain a high school diploma with opportunities to acquire academic and technical skills that will lead to college and career readiness.

Career Technical Education Partnership (CTEP)

CTEP (formerly ROP) provides occupational training in 40 subjects within six broad career pathways. Over 5,000 teens and adults are enrolled at 17 sites throughout the county, including numerous local businesses. Courses build on high school programs and lead to advanced training or employment.

Human Resources

Human Resources handles all job applications, credentialing issues, and all personnel services.

Special Education

Special Education services provided by the Santa Cruz County Office of Education (SCCOE) include a broad continuum of classes and services available to meet the needs of our students. Referral and enrollment of students in SCCOE special education services is a coordinated, collaborative effort between local district representatives, parents and SCCOE staff. The educational needs and services for students referred to SCCOE are identified through the collaborative Individual Education Program (IEP) Process.

For additional information please call Deven Wood, Ph.D. , BCBA/D, Director of Special Education at (831) 466-5780.