Technology, Innovation, and Communication

Internal Informational Technology Services

The Technology, Innovation, and Communication (Tech+) Division aims to provide state-of-the-art programs and services to our internal an external partners. The division work is divided into 8 areas to build relevant and engaging environments for students, staff, the larger Santa Cruz County Educational community, and beyond.

The division fundamentally provides all networks, computing devices, and peripherals to employees and Board members from Internet access and file sharing to laptops, tablets, and VOIP Phone Services as well as continued growth opportunities to stay current in efficient practices with using technology for increased productivity and student engagement. The Santa Cruz County Office of Education provides services and support to all county school sites from San Lorenzo Valley to Watsonville.

Jason Borgen
Jason Borgen​
Chief Technology Officer
(831) 466-5833
Domingo Flores
Director of Technology, Security, Infrastructure, & Compliance
(831) 466-5887
Lili Chavez
Senior Administrative Assistant
(831) 466-5888

Internal Growth

As technology and digital workflows become ubiquitous across any innovative organization, training staff is essential for the modern day workforce which allows for increased productivity, transparency, and collaboration. Working to reduce paper use, increase ongoing communication and collaboration, and aligning more closely to the districts, Tech+ is working to create a culture that engages in self-directed ongoing learning and appreciation of new and relevant productivity tools.

Business Technology

Working closely with the Business Information Technology Department, the Tech+ Division supports the local infrastructure for the county-wide school financial system which includes payroll, budget, HR, and more for all districts.


Communication efforts at the Santa Cruz County Office of Education consist of varied internal and external channels to create transparency and showcase the collaborations and partnerships that support and enhance student success. The Santa Cruz County Office of Education maintains a website, social media posts on several different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a YouTube channel, and also has a Communication committee that is reviewing all internal and external communication and will prepare a Communication plan and then work towards implementation of that plan.

External Network Support

Externally, TIC acts as the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for all 10 district in the country through the K12HighSpeedNetwork’s California Research and Education Network (CalREN) Backbone.

District Outreach

Focused on district support services, Tech+ provides strategic guidance and expertise in technology planning aligned to infrastructure as well as transforming classroom instruction from STEM-based instruction to global collaborations and digital citizenship. This may include professional development, strategic planning, procurement guidance, and more.

Data Approaches

Using data to make instructional and programmatic decisions is essential for any school or districts’ systemic improvements. Tech+ is working to partner with districts and the educational services division to assist in a systems thinking approach to data and ways to use data warehouse and assessment systems to develop a mindset toward analytics while ensuring student data is secure and private. This includes partnering with outside agencies including Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust and the California Student Privacy Alliance.

K-12 Computer Science Initiative

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education K-12 Computer Science Initiative is excited to announce the development of a new career pathway for the 2021-2022 school year- Networking and Cybersecurity.   Over the next two years, our team will be working with Cabrillo College, industry partners and community members to develop an exciting new computer science career pathway focused on building strong 21st century skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration as well as providing mentorships and job shadowing programs with industry companies. 

Statewide and Global Partnerships

Santa Cruz County aims to be a leader in innovative approaches to technology, innovation, & communication in education. Tech+ includes housing the Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL)–a statewide project that supports school administrators effective use of technology focused on student achievement. Tech+ also serves on statewide and national committees to support and network with leaders in the field.

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