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Department Contacts

We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable. Please contact one of our department heads with your concerns or questions as follows.

For general information, please dial (831) 466-5600.

Alternative Education Johnny Rice Sandra Pedroza 466-5728
Arts Education Debi Bodenheimer Audrey Sirota 466-5827
Benefits Stephany Rice Robin Beall 466-5614
Liann Reyes Leslie Kootstra 466-5601
Business Information Technology Monica Beverly Jody Belgard 466-5885
Child Development Programs Debi Bodenheimer Sita Moon 466-5820
Certificated Personnel Troy Cope  Scott Mean Hill 466-5755
Classified Personnel Troy Cope Toni Alldredge 466-5752
County-Wide Substitute Teaching Troy Cope Christine Caldwell-Holden

Mariel Washburn



Credentials Troy Cope Christine Caldwell-Holden

Mariel Washburn



Curriculum & Instruction Sofia Sorensen Laurie Stewart 466-5802
Interim Deputy Superintendent Bryan Wall Verenise Valentin 466-5909
District Payroll Support Services Stephany Rice Nikolette Cendreda

Rith Mean-Hill



District Support and Leadership Angela Meeker Angela Meeker 466-5806
Educational Services Debi Bodenheimer Crystal Alexander-Culp 466-5800
EL Coordinator Sofía Sorensen Laurie Stewart 466-5802
Fingerprinting Services Troy Cope Yvanna Mar 466-5750
Fiscal Services Rebecca Olker Leslie Kootstra 466-5604
Foster Youth Services Michael Paynter Michael Paynter 466-5729
Internal Business Services Melissa Lopez Michelle Coffman 466-5628
Internal Payroll Services Stephany Rice Jaclyn Fruzza 466-5615
Maintenance George Lopez Amy Rice 466-5606
Migrant/Seasonal Head Start Maria Castro Irene Rodriquez 466-5850
New Teacher Project Melissa Roberts Marvilyn Quiroz

Patricia Isaak



Outdoor Education Heather Molloy Heather Molloy 466-5715
Career Technical Education Partnership Henry Michel Michele Cuartilon 466-5764
Retirement Counselors – STRS CalSTRS 1-800-228-5453
Retirement Reporting Lucinda Pappani Michele Rix 466-5603
Science Programs Jennifer McRae Laurie Stewart 466-5802
SELPA Jessica Little Yvette Brooks 466-5700
Special Education Deven Wood Maggie O’Grady 466-5784
Student/Personnel Services Bryan Wall Verenise Valentin 466-5909
Student Support Services Michael Paynter Michael Paynter 466-5729
Superintendent Faris Sabbah Verenise Valentin 466-5909
Technology and Innovation Jason Borgen Tina Dinsmore 466-5888
Technology Infrastructure Services Jason Borgen Tina Dinsmore 466-5888
TICAL Thom Dunks Tina Dinsmore 466-5833
Workers’ Compensation Troy Cope Troy Cope 466-5751