Business Services

Business services overview

The Business Services Division is responsible for managing the COE’s financial activities and provides business support services for local school districts. 
Liann Reyes
Deputy Superintendent
Business Services
(831) 466-5602
Rith Mean-Hill
Senior Executive Assistant
(831) 466-5601

In addition to our State mandated services of school district budget review, fiscal oversight, and pupil attendance accounting, we help school districts save money by providing regionalized services such as information technology services, payroll processing, vendor payments, data compilation services and other countywide financial support services.

our team

Rebecca Olker, Executive
Director, Fiscal Services


Monica Beverly, Director, Information Technology


Melissa Lopez, Director, Fiscal Services


Stephany Rice, Manager, External Payroll


Mallory Sainsbury,
Manager, Payroll


Michelle Kennedy, 
Manager, Fiscal Services