2022-23 Highlights in Computer Science Education

We believe providing students with an accessible, equitable, and robust experience in the Computer Science and Information Technology field is essential in developing career readiness skills. It is also essential to provide educators with the support and ability to implement Computer Science and Information Technology in a fun, engaging way at all grade levels. The Santa Cruz County Office of Education K-12 Computer Science and Information Technology Initiative is here to build awareness and provide students and educators the tools, exposure, and opportunity to discover the enjoyment and benefits of computer science.

Our continuing focus is to develop and expand:

  • Information Communications and Technologies Pathways (ICT) in Cybersecurity / Networking and Technology Support and Services aligned with Cabrillo College
  • Community Partnerships that will provide students with access to a wide variety of events, work-based learning, internships and career opportunities
  • Personal Learning Communities for K-12 educators that will offer opportunities to collaborate, develop, and celebrate the various examples of Computer Science and Information Technology in the classroom
  • An Advisory Board that shares our commitment to our educators and students

We welcome students, educators, and community members to help us grow our initiative in Santa Cruz County!