4th Graders Get a Taste of College

On Friday, March 9, almost 2800 fourth grade students arrived on the Cabrillo College campus for a view of the campus and an hour-long presentation. Santa Cruz County schools brought their students to the campus for the 7th annual custom college experience, which is part of the Santa Cruz County College Commitment (S4C). S4C began in 2010 as a collaboration between all Santa Cruz County school districts, Cabrillo College, the University of California Santa Cruz, and California State University Monterey Bay. The mission of S4C continues to be introducing and preparing students for post-secondary education.

cabrillo president matthew wetstein and studentsThe presentation began with a virtual campus tour by Sammy the Seahawk (Cabrillo College mascot.) Sammy welcomed the children. He walked, skipped and danced around the campus pointing out areas of interest such as the library, science laboratories, the Student Activities Center where students were lifting weights and running on treadmills, and the cafeteria where students were eating pizza and burgers! In some of the groups, Sammy’s presentation was followed by faculty and students rolling out on an 8-foot skateboard made from 3D printers. Other groups experienced a faculty member showing them how to make foam explosions. Cabrillo athletes and cheerleaders provided stretches and school spirit for the students half-way through the program. Members of Cabrillo’s student clubs, including robotics, film, and digital music students, let the 4th graders know about all the opportunities that exist at Cabrillo.

One teacher stated, “I believe it is highly beneficial for elementary students to engage in a college visit. It makes students see that this type of educational experience can become reality.” One student exclaimed, “That’s it! I am done with 4th grade. I am coming to college!”

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education’s S4C program strives to support ALL students in setting goals for continuing their education beyond high school.