2015 Alternative Education Program Graduation

The Alternative Education Program of the Santa Cruz County Office of Education held two mid-year graduation ceremonies on January 19th for students from 10 school programs. Both ceremonies were intimate affairs, during which teachers and students were afforded the opportunity to celebrate each other and to comment on the students’ successes.

Michael Watkins, County Superintendent of Schools, Sandra Nichols, SCCOE Board of Education President, Deb Tracy, ROP Teacher, and Jeanne Milnes, OASIS educator, were all featured speakers.

Graduation is a time-honored tradition that reflects a significant achievement on behalf of the students and their families. This special event is made all the more meaningful when students have overcome adversity to graduate. A diploma can be the catalyst that will afford students the opportunity to a more prosperous and productive future.

Congratulations to the Alternative Education Program graduates of 2015 and their families!