Alternative Education Update – June 2022

Alternative Education graduated over 300 students in the month of May. Between Alternative Education and the Career Advancement Charter, we hosted 15 ceremonies. Thank you to all who sent their support and were able to attend!

We are now in our third week of Summer School with an enrollment whose size has not been matched in the last 7 years.

As we move into the last two weeks of summer school, we are thinking about our vision and goals for the 2022 – 2023 school year. We continue to hang our hats on the creation of “Safe Havens with High Expectations.” Our initiatives will include: Social Emotional Learning, Restorative Practices, and Cultural Relevancy. Alternative Education is rolling out two new programs this year:

  1. Reading with Relevance – A thematic and novel’s based ELA program that is standards-based and utilizes culturally relevant texts. This program focuses on reading, writing, listening and speaking on a daily basis. 4 years of English Courses have now been developed and approved through the UC portal for a-g credit.
  2. Bright Thinker – an a-g online learning program with numerous courses available in all core areas and many many electives. Bright Thinker is slated to become our common curriculum across sites and programs, though all teachers will continue to be encouraged to utilize and develop supplementary materials to meet the needs of their particular students.