COE Students Recognized by Workforce Santa Cruz County

Congratulations to Valerie Herrera and Debbie Alvarez, two COE students who received Workforce Achievement Awards from Workforce Santa Cruz County!

The Workforce Achievement Award program is an initiative of the County of Santa Cruz Workforce Development Board designed to recognize and celebrate the triumphs of individuals who have overcome adversity.

Sueños Award Recipient: Valerie Herrera

Valerie, a single mother facing unemployment and housing instability, found hope through the WIOA Sueños program. She underwent career exploration and job readiness training, discovering her passion for the medical field. Despite obstacles, Valerie secured a full-time caregiving position and began medical assisting training, showcasing resilience and determination. Her journey underscores the transformative impact of WIOA’s support, offering resources for success from career guidance to educational opportunities. Valerie’s achievements serve as a reminder of the limitless potential within each individual.

Adult Program Award Recipient: Debbie Alvarez

Debbie overcame housing instability and the challenges of single parenthood to pursue training in dentistry. With the support of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), she completed her Dental Assistant program and found employment, marking a significant step towards self-sufficiency. Despite facing difficult circumstances, Debbie’s determination and resilience remained unwavering, driving her towards stability and independence. She credits WIOA’s support, including funding, resources, and guidance, for her success, which led to stable housing and new opportunities. Debbie’s achievement highlights the transformative power of support and opportunities, serving as an inspiration for others to persevere in the face of adversity.