Educational Services Update – June 2022

Currently Audrey Sirota, our VAPA coordinator, is running the summer arts integration Institute. There are 38 students attending for four days. With the support of six expert facilitators, they will be studying arts integration as well as talking about teacher self-care and the critical importance of teacher mental and emotional health during this time. They are also working with Vrinda Quintero Rincon, the CTE culinary teacher at Sequoia, to bring a vegan lunch to the participants every day.

Here are some environmental literacy updates:

  • Santa Cruz COE is co-lead (along with San Joaquin and Santa Clara COEs) of CDE’s Central CREEC California Environmental Literacy Project, covering a 17 county mega-region. From June 13-17 we led a residential Environmental Literacy Summer Institute for 11 county office of education teams from CCSESA Regions 5-8. Santa Cruz COE teacher leaders attended to share the successes of the Teacher Leadership Institute for Science and Environmental Literacy.
  • As co-lead of the California Environmental Literacy Project’s County Office of Education Innovation Hub, Santa Cruz COE will be facilitating a statewide COE Fellowship Program in 2022-23 and leading a session at the 2022 California County Boards of Education Conference: “County Offices Of Education As Catalysts For Climate-Ready Schools”