Empowering Equitable and Inclusive Computer Science Education: 2024 CS CoP Conclusion

Four Years of Impact: Serving 72 Teachers and 1,440 Students

The Computer Science Community of Practice (CS CoP) has proudly concluded its fourth year, marking a significant milestone in advancing equitable and inclusive computer science (CS) education in our community.

This year’s program was expertly facilitated by:

  • Stephanie Sumarna, EdTech & Innovation ToSA at the Santa Cruz COE
  • Elizabeth Shaw, CS ToSA at the Santa Cruz COE
  • Erin Asamoto, CS & EdTech Coach for Santa Cruz City Schools
  • Ana Bocanegra-Russell, 7/8 Grade Math Teacher at Alianza Charter School with Pajaro Unified School District

2024 Cohort Highlights

  • Grade Levels Reached: TK-12, showing the program’s expansive reach across all educational stages.
  • Value of CoP: 100% of participants ranked the value of the CS CoP a 4 or 5 out of 5, with 93% expressing interest in returning.
  • Computer Science Integration into Practice: At the end of the CoP, 80% ranked their inclusion of computer science in their classroom practices at 4 or 5 out of 5, a significant increase from 26% at the beginning.
  • Site & Organization Impact: 74% of participants shared information and resources with additional colleagues back at their school sites, reaching over 100 additional educators through colleague-to-colleague sharing.

Participant Testimonials

  • “I’ve learned so much and been introduced to numerous useful resources with this group. Thank you!”
  • “I found the resources provided by the CS CoP very helpful and was able to bring the information back to my grade level as well incorporate learning into my lessons. I hope to continue using the resources provided to make computer science learning accessible to all my students.”
  • “The opportunity to participate with the CS CoP has taken me to the next level with my computer skills and confidence about using computers and talking or teaching about computers. I feel I can support my colleagues with computer science curriculum. I shared CS standards with them and my student teacher. I share simple algorithm activities and lessons I have implemented in class and lessons from other school sites.”
  • “I’m not only using more technology in class, but I’m including students in my teaching and they are getting more savvy about technology.”

Looking Ahead

As we look forward to continuing our work, we remain committed to empowering educators and fostering inclusive learning environments that enable every student to explore and excel in computer science. The CS CoP’s cumulative reach over four years illustrates its profound impact: 72 educators have participated, affecting the educational journey of approximately 1,440 students. This significant achievement highlights the ripple effect of dedicated teaching, as these educators not only enhance their skills but also pass on their knowledge to students and peers through both formal and informal collaborations.