Highlights from the Computer Science Community of Practice

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education’s Computer Science Community of Practice for this year has officially concluded. Rooted in building capacity in supporting K-12 Computer Science Content Standards, the past year has been an incredible journey of collaboration, learning, and growth. We would like to take this opportunity to share some exciting findings with you.

Throughout the duration of the program, our community of educators came together to explore the latest developments in computer science education. We have organized workshops, facilitated discussions, and fostered a supportive network for sharing best practices, resources, and innovative teaching methods.

Here are some key findings from this year’s Computer Science Community of Practice:

Increased Student Engagement:

Participants reported higher levels of student engagement in computer science classes, attributed to the implementation of new teaching strategies and project-based learning approaches. For example, Shanna’s kindergarten class loved using the KIBO robot to create algorithms. Stacey’s fifth graders also loved getting hands-on with micro:bits.

Professional Development Opportunities:

Educators who actively participated in the community of practice reported significant improvements in their computer science knowledge and teaching skills. The exchange of ideas and experiences among peers fostered a culture of continuous learning. 92% of participants ranked the value of the Computer Science Community of Practice a 4 or 5 out of 5 and 100 percent expressed interest in returning again.

Enhanced Collaboration:

The community served as a platform for educators to collaborate and share valuable insights. Participants formed partnerships and created a strong support system for implementing computer science initiatives in their respective schools. At the end of the year reflection, one participant stated that they were leaving with, “new friends and colleagues who [they] admire.”

Access the complete summary of the findings to learn more.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be continuing the Computer Science Community of Practice for the upcoming year. The program aims to empower educators with the latest tools, resources, and strategies to integrate computer science education in classroom instruction.