Innovation in the Spotlight

Innovation is one of our core values here at the COE, and as County Superintendent I am incredibly proud of the vision and impact of our Technology, Innovation, and Communication (Tech+) Division.

Under the leadership of our Chief Innovation Officer Jason Borgen (pictured), our Tech+ team partnered with the Community Foundation, Cruzio, PVUSD, and others to modernize our county’s digital infrastructure and bridge the digital divide for thousands of Santa Cruz County students. We recognize that connectivity goes beyond student learning; it is a critical resource for families, as the pandemic has proven.

Never satisfied with the status quo, this summer our Tech+ team is continuing to make a splash across our state.

This week, we are proud to announce we are partnering with the California Department of Education to launch shiftED — an initiative aiming to set a rigorous baseline of tech proficiency in California’s schools by training teams of Bay Area educators to become ambassadors of digital literacy and technology integration. I’d encourage educators who understand the pivotal importance of digital literacy in the future of our classrooms to learn more and consider applying.

That’s not the only news out of our Tech+ team this week. The State of California announced it has appointed Jason to the Data & Tools Advisory Board for the state’s forthcoming Cradle-to-Career System — a new initiative aiming to provide tools to help students reach their college and career goals and deliver information on education and workforce outcomes. This is a reflection of Jason’s accomplishments and his decades of work as an innovator and leader in technology.

Congrats to Jason and to all of our Tech+ team on all that you’ve accomplished. You embody our COE values, and inspire us to think bigger and bolder.

Yours in education and equity,
Dr. Faris Sabbah
County Superintendent of Schools