Join the 2024-25 Teacher Leadership Institute for Sustainability (TLIS)

We’re excited to announce that the application for the 2024-25 Teacher Leadership Institute for Sustainability (TLIS) is now open! If you’re passionate about environmental literacy and eager to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

About TLIS

The Teacher Leadership Institute for Sustainability (TLIS) is designed to empower teachers with the knowledge, skills, and networks to integrate environmental sustainability into their classrooms effectively. The program begins in October, and we are prioritizing representation from all districts to ensure diverse and comprehensive participation.

Apply Now

Spaces are limited, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. The application is open, and you can find all the program dates and details on the TLIS website:

Testimonials and Impact

Student Impact Highlights:

  • “It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can make a BIG change!” — 2nd grade student
  • “I am so excited to share the knowledge we gained with this project with our greater community for years to come. I hope everyone will take care of this place because they are better informed by our work.” — 5th grade student
  • “To me, [this] project has made me want to be more involved with the environment, specifically by taking action and raising awareness about our topic. I have always cared about the environment but I always thought I would never be able to take action and actually do something. I’m really glad that I get to be involved with my community and take action. Our project will hopefully spread the word on how to be safe during extreme heat and even ways we can reduce it.” — High School Student

Participants’ “Teacher Takeaways”:

  • “There is always room to grow your ideas. There are incredible environmental groups throughout our area who are excited to connect and collaborate with classroom teachers in meaningful ways. Mentors are everywhere and can help you find a path forward to what you would like to be teaching and learning. Like-minded educators in this county come together in this special space to do challenging, important work that benefits so many young people and the community.”
  • “One of my biggest takeaways is how inspired students are when they are able to go outside and observe the environment. It is SO different in the classroom.”
  • “Bringing environmental literacy into the core curriculum is essential for our students. The institute gave me the fundamental knowledge that I needed and the collective momentum and direction to help students become environmental stewards of the future.”

TLIS Snapshot:

  • 43 teachers participated, representing every grade TK-12
  • Over 4,200 students have engaged in environmental action projects that have benefited their school or community
  • 99% of participants report increased capacity to integrate environmental sustainability within their classroom curriculum

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