What It Means To Be “World Ready”

ROP students work to create videoTo improve the knowledge and skill development of high school students in Career Technical Education (CTE) and Core Academic subjects, The Santa Cruz County Career Technical Education Partnership (CTEP) utilized Community Foundation of Santa Cruz grant funding to create a Career Technical Education and Core Academic Integration Program. This is the second year that the Community Foundation has supported students learning in context. As a result of this unique learning experience, students will work on collaborative projects, learn from experts in the local industry, travel to local businesses to experience first-hand what they are learning in the classroom and finally, begin to prepare for all post-secondary learning opportunities. Both CTE and Core Academic teaching partners in the integration pilot project will work collaboratively to lesson plan, create projects, organize activities with the business community, create assessments and develop work based learning opportunities for the students. This contextual learning approach will enable students to learn by doing and will allow them to develop relationships with potential employers in the community.

The CTEP integration project this year was conducted at Harbor High School. We chose to integrate the CTEP Video Production course with the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program. The instructors, Larkin Wilson (CTEP Video Production) and Judith Mayer (AVID) collaborated on three projects. One of the projects was the World Ready (Kinetic Typography) designed to define the school’s theme “World Ready.” Larkin says, “Being World Ready is something that is talked about a lot at Harbor High School. So the AVID and CTEP Video Production classes got together to collaborate on a kinetic typography piece that uses the alphabet to explore what we think World Ready really means to us. This includes the skills we might need, our hope for the future and even the fear on failure we might encounter along the way.”

The AVID class and CTEP Video Production students collaborated on everything from word choice to what those words would look like, how they might behave/move on the screen and what colors would be most appropriate for each word.

ROP students work to create video

ROP students work to create video

Student in front of video camera

Music by Ludovco Einaudi “Walk” (Phaeleh Remix) sound cloud.

This project was made possible by the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County.

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