Meet Our new Santa Cruz County TUPE Coordinator!

Congratulations to Denise Pitman-Rosas as our new Santa Cruz County TUPE Coordinator!

A New Year brings some new transitions! For the last several years, we have enjoyed the thoughtful and collaborative leadership of Martine Watkins, Senior Community Organizer at the Santa Cruz County Office of Education. Martine is truly gifted at bringing people together, garnering much needed resources for our work, and expanding our impact by making connections throughout the region. We celebrate her commitment to unique and outside-of-the-box thinking, and for always elevating tobacco use prevention impact. Outside of her COE role, we believe that Martine successfully advocated for and implemented some of the most important public policy in the region due to her background and passion for tobacco use prevention and healthy youth. Thank you, Martine!!

Denise Pitman-Rosas has worked alongside Martine in TUPE programming for the past two years, creating and delivering important content to support student prevention and cessation. Denise’s trusted relationships with the alternative education school network, where she formerly administered student placement, as well as her coordination of the BASTA, Teen Peer Court, Real DUI Court In Schools, Restorative Practice Programs, and Mock Trial programs make her well versed in designing creative, engaging, and preventative education focused on student health and wellbeing. Congratulations to Denise on her promotion to Senior Community Organizer! Thankfully, Martine will remain as an advisor to the program (we get to keep her, don’t worry) while Denise will serve as the lead.

If you have not yet gotten to know Denise, please feel free to reach out at any time to say hello, learn more about the TUPE program offerings, and dream up some exciting collaborations. Email: