Migrant Head Start Families Visit Watsonville Library

Migrant Head Start families saunter into Watsonville Library for a visit after work.

Our Migrant Head Start families saunter off after a long day at work to explore the treasures of the Watsonville Library Children’s Room:  kids’ magazines, DVD’s, music and of course thousands of children’s books.


Migrant Head Start families after a long day working in the fields, visit the Watsonville Library.

The parents–after working ten hours in the strawberry fields—quickly shower and then  rush down to get a tour of all the resources  at the Watsonville Library.  Here they can borrow a driver’s manual, practice their English, learn a new recipe or  just relax and gather their thoughts  in a lovely room decorated with a mural of Watsonville farmworkers from across the decades.


Migrant Head Start families visit Watsonville Library and listen to Jose Manuel Serrano from Raise a Reader Literacy Program read to the children.

A highlight at our annual field trip is listening to Jose Manuel Serrano from Raising a Reader Literacy Program read to the children.  He also gives parents a pep talk about the benefits of conversations, sharing books and visiting the library regularly.  This week Manuel read the brand new children’s book Dreamers, by Yuyi Morales, a particularly apt book for our families.