Now that Proposition 28 Passed, Here is What We Know.

Highlights quoted from EdSource:

  • On Nov. 8, Californians overwhelmingly passed Proposition 28, which will bring a windfall of arts education funding to California schools.
  • In all, districts will receive an additional 1% of their funding allotment to spend on the arts.
  • Proposition 28 funds will be distributed according to enrollment, with 70% based on overall enrollment and 30% based on Title 1 enrollment.
  • School boards must certify districts’ Prop. 28 budgets annually.
  • Proposition 28 will provide funding for traditional forms of creative expression like music, theater, dance and visual arts, as well as media arts including filmmaking, animation and graphic design.
  • A novel feature of Prop. 28 is each school community will get to decide how the funds are used…Families can help decide what they want for their children.
  • The passage of Prop. 28 makes California a leader in arts education and will lead to the largest investment in arts and music in our nation’s history.
  • Longer term, Prop. 28 will lead to greater diversity in the technology, media and entertainment industries as a broader population of students in California public schools will develop newfound skills and experiences.
  • Prop. 28 will create more than 15,000 additional jobs for teachers and teachers’ aides as well as in community arts organizations.