Recognizing October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month


No matter who you are or where you live, breast cancer may touch your life. It’s necessary to understand the warning signs of breast cancer, your risk of breast cancer, and what’s normal for you so you can take action if there are any changes in your breasts or underarm areas.

Know Your Risk

Knowing your family history is important and can be lifesaving. If any of your family members have been diagnosed with breast cancer, talk to your doctor. You and your doctor can come up with a screening plan to monitor signs of the disease.

Early Detection is the Best Protection!

Get Screened

Women over 40 years of age should get checked every year. Mammograms can detect tumors before they can be felt. Breast Health Awareness helps you become familiar with your breasts, perform self-examinations regularly. Alert your doctor if you notice a change.

We have resource materials for you, including a Breast Self-Exam Shower Card, What Every Woman Needs to Know About Breast Cancer, a Breast Health Guide and Nutrition Care for Breast Cancer Patients. Stop by my desk or check the lobby if you would like any additional information.

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