CTEP is thankful for supporters like Leonard Herzenberg

Len Herzenberg Leonard Herzenberg (Len) (PhD) professor emeritus of genetics at the Stanford University School of Medicine, passed away on October 27th, 2013. Leonard and his family were instrumental in the development of the CTEP Bicycle Performance and Technology class. Leonard’s daughter, Berri Michel, owner of the Bicycle Trip in Santa Cruz, worked with CTEP to create the first Bike class at Harbor High School in 2008. The Bicycle Trip, with funding from Leonard and his family, purchased all of the equipment needed for the class and CTEP/COE funded and credentialed the instructor. The first year was a huge success with the students and staff at Harbor High. This collaboration between the Santa Cruz County Office of Education and a local business was instrumental in developing a unique learning opportunity for students. Since then the program has expanded. The Santa Cruz County Office of Education’s partnership with Leonard Herzenberg and his family has evolved into 9 Bike classes at 6 different school sites throughout Santa Cruz County. Part of Leonard’s long legacy will be his generosity and vision for educating students about protecting the environment through bicycle education.

Len Herzenberg Obituary

Bike Tech at School Program

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