CTEP, The Donor Network West and Jim Collopy: A High School Campaign

ROP Collopy lecturesJim Collopy is a Donate Life Ambassador with Donor Network West. The organization’s mission is to save and improve lives through organ and tissue donation for transplantation. Mr. Collopy received a liver transplant in 2001 and has been volunteering since 2004.

In his 11 years as an ambassador, Mr. Collopy, together with his wife Diane, have helped spread the word about the importance of organ and tissue donation by representing Donor Network West at multiple community events and health fairs, as well as by making sure donation information is available at clinics and the Capitola DMV.

For Mr. Collopy, however, no other awareness initiative has proven more fulfilling than the High School Campaign. The Campaign’s goal is to ensure that as students prepare to apply for their first driver’s license and/or state ID, they are empowered with relevant and timely information about organ and tissue donation. The information Mr. Collopy provides helps students make an informed decision when answering Question 6 on the Driver’s License Application (Do you wish to register to be an organ and tissue donor?).

During 2014 and to date in 2015, Mr. Collopy has completed 15 high school presentations in Santa Cruz County, reaching almost 500 students. His presentations are part of a partnership between Donor Network West and the Santa Cruz County Office of Education’s Career Technical Education Partnership (CTEP).

ROP Collopy lectures class