CTEP Video Students Screen Films at Santa Cruz Film Festival

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The 2013 Santa Cruz Film Festival opened the doors at the Rio Theater on Sunday, November 10th to students, families and the community to view some of the freshest films around. Reel Fresh is a film screening of student videos from the Santa Cruz County Career Technical Education Partnership (CTEP).

Reel Fresh posterA selection of the top projects from each class is featured in the Reel Fresh screening each year. This year’s screening included a variety of genres and topics. While some projects reflected the traditional forms of western, comedy or detective genres, others veered off into more experimental forms, addressing topics of love, isolation, assimilation, and more.

CTEP Video Production, a class offered at Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, San Lorenzo Valley, Harbor, Aptos, and Watsonville high schools, is a year-long course focusing on storytelling, script writing, camera composition, on-camera acting, post-production editing, and presentation to outside audiences. Students describe this class as “fun yet extremely challenging.” The class demands a high level of commitment in order to successfully meet the requirements. When creating videos, students learn the value of technical and creative problem solving, time management and group collaboration. While the class can prepare students for a career in the film industry, perhaps more importantly, it prepares students for life beyond high school. The transferrable skills honed in this class, such as time management or collaboration, are invaluable to a successful future for these students.

Links to student created videos on YouTube:

What Scares You About the Future

Daniel Nemire, an CTEP Video Production student from Harbor High, who wrote and directed the film “Principal Offense,” said after the Reel Fresh screening:

“There have been few things more exhilarating, more rewarding, and more motivating than seeing my film come to life from the page to the big screen. I could absolutely feel the amazing energy, dedication, and inspiration that went into the film from every last person involved, and for that experience, I am eternally grateful.”

Principal Offense

To find out more about CTEP Video Production classes visit our website at: Career Technical Education Partnership (CTEP).

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