Spooky Faire, Livestream, Field Trip, and More: Highlights of Cypress’s October Adventures

Spooky Faire:

Cypress has invited Del Mar Elementary on October 26th for a full day of child-friendly spooks!

Cypress Livestream:

The Cypress Livestream recording is now available! Here is the link and we hope it provides valuable insights for anyone interested in understanding Cypress better. We assure you that the next live stream will have working comments!

UCSC Field Trip:

Students visited the UCSC campus. The field trip was a success! The information gathered from this adventure has made many students feel less intimidated by their future educational pursuits.

Coming Out Day:

It was a blast! An entire conga line passed through our Coming Out door! Let’s give Mr. Falco a round of applause for his first Cypress event. He is a phenomenal organizer.


We played against three schools and won two games! It was a good game, well played. We consider it a win in this friendly competition.