Students in Transition Program Collaborates with FosterEd to Educate Live Oak CORE Team

The Students in Transition program has joined forces with the FosterEd team to extend their outreach and knowledge-sharing efforts to districts across the county. This collaboration is not just a mere partnership; it’s a commitment to bringing about positive change in the lives of Students in Care and Students in Transition. The latest milestone in this journey was the recent presentation to the Live Oak CORE team, where the program aimed to enhance understanding and awareness regarding the support of these unique student populations.

The primary learning objectives for this transformative training were carefully crafted to empower participants and ensure they play an active role in fostering a supportive environment for Students in Care and Students in Transition. The training session focused on three main pillars:

  1. Legal Entitlements: The first key objective was to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of the legal entitlements that govern Students in Care and Students in Transition. These students often face distinct challenges, and knowing their rights is crucial in providing the necessary support. The training delved into the legal frameworks that protect and empower these students, fostering an environment where their educational needs are met.
  2. Role Clarification: Participants were guided through an exploration of their role in the process of serving Students in Care and Students in Transition. Understanding the unique challenges these students face and recognizing the crucial part educators and support staff play in their academic journey were central themes. The goal was to establish a sense of shared responsibility among the Live Oak CORE team, fostering an environment where every member understands their role in creating a supportive educational ecosystem.
  3. Best Practices Sharing: Building on the foundation of legal knowledge and role clarity, the training session culminated in the sharing of best practices. The Students in Transition program, along with insights from the FosterEd team, provided practical strategies and success stories from other districts. This collaborative sharing aimed to inspire the Live Oak CORE team to implement effective practices tailored to the unique needs of Students in Care and Students in Transition.

The Students in Transition program, in tandem with FosterEd, remains committed to advancing the cause of educational equity and ensuring that every student has the opportunity to thrive.