Sueños Program Participants Visit the San Francisco Exploratorium

A program funded by the Workforce and Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)

The Sueños Program is dedicated to inspiring youth while discovering new horizons.

colorful abstract image of peopleSueños Program participants and staff recently spent an exciting day visiting the Exploratorium on Pier 15 in San Francisco! They came to explore science and nature while learning about the variety of careers available at such institutions. The Sueños participants enthusiastically explored the various interactive exhibits in the Bechtel Central Gallery, designed for exploring sights, sounds, and perception itself. The students were enthralled by seeing and listening to experiments in human vision and hearing – light and vision, sound and hearing, including a giant 12-foot mirror exhibit.

“This was an awesome field trip,” said participant Jimmy S., “We got to try a lot of new different things.” The Exploratorium gave the participants a chance to fully engage with many experiments while exposing them to the various careers associated with the related field of science.

The Sueños Program is dedicated to creating supportive learning experiences for all participants, while exploring the numerous job opportunities that exist, which on this occasion, varied from museum tour guide to scientist.

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