Suenos Student Spotlight: Verenise Valentin

This quarter’s Sueños spotlight features the COE’s own Verenise Valentin, assistant to the Superintendent. In 9th grade, Verenise’s sister, who also works at the COE, suggested Verenise enroll in Sueños to receive support and career direction. At the time Verenise was attending Kirby school and living in Watsonville. Verenise, self-described as a shy person shared that Sueños “helped me step out of my comfort zone, it felt like a place I belonged”.

Verenise explored different career paths through Sueños programming and discovered an interest in a teaching career. Sueños supported Verenise in job placement at a daycare center. Employment at a young age gave her confidence, motivation, and a paycheck. Verenise also felt motivated to continue her education through Cabrillo and UCSC. Verenise has been with the COE since 2019. Currently, she is the assistant to the Superintendent, a very important job that she does so well. Thank you for sharing your story and all that you do for the community!

If you or someone you know is interested, applications can be completed in person or at the following link.