The Intersection of Homelessness and Education in Santa Cruz County

Youth without a high school credential are 346% more likely to experience homelessness as adults than their peers who completed high school.

Recognizing the intersectionality between homelessness and education is vital for successfully identifying and supporting McKinney-Vento students across the county.

According to the 2022-2023 Annual Count of Homeless Students in Schools, Santa Cruz County identified 2,709 McKinney-Vento Students, a rate 45% higher than the average across California. Highlighting November as National Homeless Youth Awareness Month is essential to create awareness within the world of education and beyond, helping to support students in these living situations. It’s about promoting educational equity and elevating student opportunities because we recognize that ending homelessness takes more than just housing.

If you know someone living unsheltered in Santa Cruz County, please assist them in submitting a Request for Connector Services form through the county-coordinated entry portal to get them connected to housing support services.