TUPE’s work this school year!

This year our team continues our programming focused on prevention, cessation, and intervention. New this year, TUPE not only includes tobacco, but also cannabis/THC prevention and intervention.

We are here for you!

Here are some ways we can work with you:

  • Supporting school sites and administrators with tobacco-free campuses including tobacco-free signage, policy, and follow through.
  • Facilitating training for teachers and administrators to deliver effective prevention curriculum to students.
  • Providing special student leadership opportunities including student-driven campaigns about the harms of tobacco and cannabis products on minors, and the unique environmental and sustainability issues with tobacco product waste.
  • Assisting schools with interventions for students who have been caught using tobacco or cannabis products, providing alternatives to suspension through a lens of restorative justice.
  • Offering parent/family learning opportunities so that parents can know what to look for, consider approaches to having difficult conversations with their child, help their child with resisting any social pressures to try addictive products, and access information about the resources available for youth who would like to quit using.

Please feel free to reach out to our team at any time!

Email: TUPE@santacruzcoe.org