Two CTEP Success Stories

Brandon Gruber from Jenny Angelacos’s CTEP Graphic Design Class

Brandon Gruber
Photo courtesy of NBC Bay Area
Brandon Gruber painting picture
Photo courtesy of NBC Bay Area

Aptos High School Senior Named Homecoming King On A Mission To Pay Popularity Forward

If it had happened to someone else, it might have been considered a happy ending. But when Brandon Gruber, an 18-year-old senior with Down Syndrome, was carried off the Aptos High School football field this past September after being voted homecoming king, it wasn’t a happy ending to his story. To be clear, Brandon was happy. It just wasn’t an ending to him.

“I decided to make it the beginning of my new journey,” Brandon says …[read NBC Bay Area article]

Morgan Andrews from Doron Brenner’s 2011 CTEP CAD Class

Morgan Andrew displays plan

Morgan Andrews was a senior in Mr. Doron Brenner’s CTEP CAD class in 2011. Of the many careers the class explored, Morgan especially enjoyed civil engineering and was accepted into the engineering program at Portland State University. While still in school, Morgan is already working in her field, recently serving as lead designer of a $590,000 sewer replacement project in Portland, Oregon. Construction will begin this month. Way to go Morgan!