A Career Technical Education Partnership Student Becomes a Lifelong Learner

By Griselda Wall

As a person with a strong will and a great deal of determination, I seek out a challenge in everything that I pursue. After graduating from Harbor High School in 1996, I was encouraged by family and friends to take part in the Regional Occupational Program (ROP), now known as the Career Technical Education Partnership (CTEP). ROP gave me the opportunity to take my first steps into a career in the medical field. My certifications in the medical field have allowed me to see the importance and need for human care and human kindness. I had the opportunity to work and care for individuals of all ages from different backgrounds who suffered from an array of health conditions. Most importantly, I was introduced to different career opportunities within the field of human services. 

woman in purple shirt standing on pier by oceanI no longer see education as a preparation for a permanent life career, but rather as a continuing process of growth and development. After my experience in the medical field, I returned to school to pursue my passion and true niche to study human development. I took my experience as a student in ROP and made it my goal to increase my knowledge to further my career. My passion, will, and strength for success helped me achieve my vision and reach my goals.

I earned my Associate of Arts Degree in Health Science and Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Interdisciplinary Studies from Cabrillo College in 2016. In 2018, I was accepted to California State University Monterey Bay to study Human Development and Family Science. In my time at the university, I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge and confidence that comes with hard work. I strive to work harder and longer towards my personal success, as well as personal growth. I can see my dedication paying off. I anticipate my bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Science and look forward to participating in the commencement ceremony in the spring of 2020. By taking a different educational path, I have made it my personal goal to work with a program that works to strengthen and promote the well-being of all individuals, families and communities. 

I am deeply grateful to my family, friends and the ROP (CTEP) family for their unconditional support and encouragement. I can list your names but there are many of you who have been part of my success story. Your dedication showed me my first steps towards making my dreams come true. I am fortunate to live in a community where individuals are dedicated to serving and improving lives.