Area 5 Trustee Appointed

Dear community member, 

I am pleased to share that the Santa Cruz County Board of Education yesterday appointed Rachel Williams (pictured) to serve as Area 5 Trustee. Representing Aptos, Corralitos and surrounding areas, the Area 5 seat on the Board was vacated after former Trustee Alyssa Alto moved out of the County last month.

On behalf of the Santa Cruz COE, I congratulate Ms. Williams on her unanimous appointment to the Board and thank all those who participated in the process for stepping forward to support our school community.

Meanwhile, commencements are continuing in full swing this week and into next as the school year winds to a close. At the Santa Cruz COE, our final commencement ceremony of the year took place Thursday for a small but mighty group of young adults in our Post-Senior Program.

The Post-Senior Program assists graduates of Special Education high school programs, ages 18-22, to determine their own educational, independent living, and vocational goals while supporting their transition into adulthood. This graduation is one of our most cherished events of our year, filled with boundless joy of our young adult students, families, and a dedicated team of educators led by Executive Director of Special Education Dr. Deven Stark.

As we head into summer this newsletter will shift from a weekly to a monthly cadence. We’ll continue to share news, resources, and events throughout the week on the COE website and through our social media channels.

Congratulations, again, to our graduates, and we look forward to welcoming the rest of our students back to the classroom after the summer break!

Yours in education and equity,
Dr. Faris Sabbah
County Superintendent of Schools