Counterfeit Alert

Important Message

Please be aware that there has been a significant amount of counterfeit activity against the checking account of the Santa Cruz County Office of Education.

If you have received a check from our office and are not sure if it is valid, please email the check number, dollar amount and the payee listed on the check to one of the following staff by email:

Sonora Piumarta ( at (831) 466-5626 or Rebecca Olker ( at (831) 466-5630

If you know the check is invalid or suspect that someone is attempting a scam, please contact your local law enforcement and file a police report.  Please give the original check and envelope that it was mailed in to your local law enforcement agency.  They can work in cooperation with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s department, the case number is 1806003.

Thank you for your assistance.

(Posted July 2018)