The SMAA program allows school districts, county offices of education, and community colleges to be reimbursed federal dollars for costs incurred while performing certain administrative activities related to connecting students/families to health services. Employees’ participate in a “random moment time survey” (RMTS) throughout the school year to identify the percentage of time spent on reimbursable activities.

These activities include:

  • Medi-Cal outreach
  • Facilitating the Medi-Cal application
  • Non-emergency, non-medical transportation of Medi-Cal eligible individuals to Medi-Cal services
  • Contracting for Medi-Cal services
  • Program planning and policy development
  • SMAA coordination and claims administration

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education has been involved in the School Based Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (SMAA) program since 2002. The Santa Cruz County Office of Education is the host entity for the South Bay Area Region (Region 5) Local Educational Consortium (LEC) statewide SMAA program. The South Bay Area Region (Region 5) is based on the California County Superintendent Educational Services Association (CCSESA) regions. Region 5 serves Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz counties.

The SMAA Program benefits schools in many ways. While the program connects students & families to Medi-Cal covered services, it also brings much needed unrestricted funding into our schools.

For more information on the SMAA Program, please contact Tina Reger, Region 5 SMAA Project Coordinator at (831) 466-5634.