CTE Student Spotlight: Eric Hernandez

Eric is very close to our hearts at the COE. He attended high school at La Manzana through the Santa Cruz COE Alternative Education. His teacher, Dave Spencer, worked closely with him, and was a wonderful teacher and mentor. In his senior year, Eric signed up for our ICT Pathway through Cabrillo and CTE. He completed the first year IT Essentials course, earning 4 Cabrillo College credits. He also took two other Cabrillo dual-enrollment courses, Ethnic Studies and Career Skills, in his senior year. He graduated from La Manzana in May 2021, being able to enjoy his senior year and feel proud of all he accomplished!

In summer 2021, Eric attended the Summer Cybersecurity Camp at Cabrillo, and made such an impression that the Cabrillo CIS team wanted to hire him as a student intern for their campus Help Desk. He’s currently attending Cabrillo College, and is enrolled in our Year 2 ICT Pathway program, taking courses to complete his certificate in Cybersecurity and Networking. In addition, Alternative Education has hired him as a Data  Analyst to work on student data projects.

Eric is a bright, energetic and motivated young man who has made such a difference in the lives of those around him. He is a wonderful representative of the CALS family, and the amazing programs offered by the COE and Cabrillo College. I feel honored to have been with him on this part of his journey, and I can’t wait to hear more about his future endeavors!