Learning Opportunities for Children and Early Educators

United Way of California – Affordable Internet Options

Learn about the affordable internet services available for eligible low-income families.
English     Español

Positive Discipline Community Resources

PDCR – How to Talk to Kids about Coronavirus Tip Sheet

PDCR – Como Hablar Con Jovenes Sobre el Coronavirus

Resource and Referral Network, Mariela Herrera- Music for Children

Super Simple Songs

A collection of original kids songs and classic nursery rhymes made SIMPLE for young learners.

Scholastic Learn at Home – Prek

Day-by-Day projects to keep kids reading, thinking and growing.

WestEd, Desired Results for Families and Children

Desired Results Developmental Profile – DRDP Online – What’s New?

Pajaro Valley Unified School District – Early Childhood Education Department Parent Resource Page

Pajaro Valley Unified School District – Early Childhood Education Department – Home Learning Activities in English and Español.

Visit their website.

Early Support Program (ESPA): Resources for Families of Individuals with Special Needs during Coronavirus Outbreak.

Visit ESPA website or call 650-723-3772.
ESPA Coronavirus Stay at Home Resources

Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Activities and Resources

This website offers many training and education resources for families and children of all ages about washing your hands and other health and safety topics. For more information visit their website.

CDC – Sesame Street Hand Washing Video.

California MAP-to Inclusion & Belonging Making Access Possible: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Taking Care of the Children-Six Sets of Resources

In this newsletter you find links to: Official Website for Coronavirus Information, Information Specific to Children and Adults with Disabilities, Resources for Families, Resources for Kids to Explain the Coronavirus, Webinars for Early Childhood Educators on Managing Infectious Diseases, Take Care of Yourself! To read the newsletter, visit their website.

Learn in Home Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

KQED is offering an at-home learning response to school closures for all children and youth in California. This online resource is for children Pre-k to 12th grade, teachers and parents navigating through this new learning system.

KQED will offer:

  • Educational Programming on KQED Plus: Offers programming to help bridge home and school learning regardless if students have access to internet or computers.
  • Digital Learning Resources for PreK-12: Teacher resources from PBS LearningMedia offers videos and lesson plan.
  • Parents and Caregivers: Ways to keep students and young children engaged at home. For more information, access KQED Learn in Home Resources.

Continuous Education for Early Educator Professionals

California Department of Education – Early Learning and Care Division Professional Development Resources

At this website you will find state recommended professional development on many subject areas: Beginning Together Institute, CA collaborative for the Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning (CSEFEL), California Preschool Instructional Networks (CPIN), Desired Results Field Training, English Learner Guides (PEL): For more information, visit the ELCD website.

California Early Childhood Online (CECO)

CECO provides an integrated set of resources based on state-of-the-art information for early learning and development and best practices in early education. The training modules provided on this CECO website enable teachers to increase content knowledge and ability to provide developmentally appropriate experiences for children in their care. For more information, visit the CECO website.

California Teaching Pyramid (CSEFEL)

The Teaching Pyramid promotes social and emotional development, provides support for children and early educators. This site offers training modules and materials in English and Spanish. For more information, visit the Teaching Pyramid website.