Together for Kindergarten Community Forum 2012

2012 Together for Kindergarten flyer More than 200 early educators, kindergarten teachers and administrators from across the county gathered on Wednesday, February 29th, for the 3rd straight year to attend the “Together for Kindergarten” community forum. Organized by the COE and the Childhood Advisory Council, the forum presented an opportunity for early educators to sit together in neighborhood “hubs” working cooperatively to brainstorm activities that support kindergarten readiness. After a long day at work, educators conversed about how to make a child’s first impression of school more positive and less stressful, and how to better prepare children to enter kindergarten socially, emotionally and academically ready.

In her keynote address, Linda Brault, Project Director, WestEd, discussed the Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning, that garnered rave reviews from participants.

Young children’s close relationships with preschool teachers and caregivers are also important to their development of school readiness. A number of studies have found that the warmth and security of the preschool child’s relationship with a preschool teacher are predictive of the child’s subsequent classroom performance, attentional skills, and social competence in the kindergarten and primary grade classroom.
–California Preschool Learning Foundations pg. 32 (2008)

Brault led the group in activities that would strengthen their approaches to dealing with behavior unique to 5 year olds.

“Young children cannot learn to read if they have problems that distract them from educational activities, problems following directions, problems getting along with others and controlling negative emotions, and problems that interfere with relationships…Learning is a social process”
Zins et al., 2004 Excerpted from: Recommended Practices: Linking Social
Development and Behavior to School Readiness

Center for Evidence-Based Practice: Young Children with Challenging Behavior

Children listening

“We have created a venue, unlike anything in the State, providing an opportunity to work together on the continuity of services between preschools, a child’s home and kindergarten. The dedication that teachers have to their students, even in these tough times, was awe-inspiring”, stated Michael Watkins, County Superintendent of Schools.

The forum was held at New Brighton Middle School. Light refreshments were served by high school students from the County Office of Education’s Regional Occupation Program.

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