Together for Kindergarten Community Forum 2014

Santa Cruz County Preschool, Kindergarten Teachers Push Parental Engagement

By Kara Guzman, Santa Cruz Sentinel

Woman holding baby

The minority achievement gap begins with a disparity in language skills, even before a child enters a classroom, experts say. Preschoolers from low-income families have half the vocabulary size of high-income preschoolers, said Sarah Crow, keynote speaker at Tuesday’s “Together for Kindergarten” forum. Crow is a program director at Next Generation, a San Francisco-based nonprofit campaigning to get parents to talk to their young children.

“For some people, it’s not innate to talk to a baby who’s not going to talk back,” Crow said. “It can feel weird.” Talking is teaching, she said, and her program is working to bring that message to parents via social media, Spanish TV networks and commercials in hospital rooms… [ Read the Santa Cruz Sentinel article ]

Getting Kindergarten Ready by Getting Educators Together

by Sarah Crow

Last week, I attended a meeting of early childhood education and kindergarten teachers, hosted by the Santa Cruz Office of Education. It was the county’s fifth annual “Together for Kindergarten” meeting, the only such annual meeting of its kind in the state. Educators sat together by neighborhood, including family child care providers, center-based providers, as well as kindergarten teachers and administrators. The organizers—including my new friend Carole Mulford—started these meetings to improve the transition between preschool and kindergarten for children and families. It also serves to break down the silos among educators, and establish lines of communication and mutual respect… [ Read more ]



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