Translation and Interpretation Resources


Translators transfer written texts from one language to another. Interpreters interpret spoken language.

Note on Machine Translation: Machine translation is a wonderful resource that has made translation services much more accessible for everyone. However, translation and interpretation remain complex tasks. The appropriate translation depends on your context including the specific language variations of the audience. Whenever possible, supplement machine translation with the services of a bilingual interpreter or translator familiar with your content as well as your audience.


Language Line Solutions

A full- service agency, based in Monterey, that offers both interpretation and translation services in over 240 languages, including Mixtec Bajo. Cost varies by service requested.

DeepL Translate

A web-based translation service that uses machine translation. Available in nine languages including Spanish. Translations include links to a glossary for further refining your translation. Reportedly more accurate and nuanced than Google Translate. Free for a limited number of characters and languages. Additional services available for a fee.

Talking Points

A two-way family/school communication tool using text messages. Educators create text messages on the web browser or using a mobile app. Talking Points translates the messages into the family’s home languages before sending it to them. Families reply in their home language and teachers receive a translation of the reply. Education-specific translation uses both human and machine translation. If users do not understand a translation, they can request support. Available for over 100 languages. Additional features to support family engagement available. Easy to use. Free for teachers. Additional features available for districts to and schools for a fee.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation Translator

An add-on for your Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation that will provide subtitles in another language as you speak. Uses speech recognition software and Microsoft Translator. If you activate this Presentation Translator, a slide with the directions in the language of your choice and a QR code for participants to access will automatically be provided. PowerPoint also has a feature that will translate the slide content on a presentation while preserving slide formatting. Free but must be installed.

Google Translate

Google Translate relies on machine translation. It can translate websites, written text, audio and even can translate words captured as images from your phone camera. Google Slides also has a translation add-on. However, rather than providing a slide with the translated text with the same formatting, it provides a translation in a popup sidebar. Free.