Exciting New Additions to Santa Cruz County Career Technical Education for 2024-2025

With the growing demand and interest in Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, the COE is thrilled to announce several new and expanded programs for the 2024-2025 school year. These developments reflect our commitment to providing diverse and robust educational opportunities that prepare students for success in various career pathways.

ICT Cybersecurity and Networking Pathways Transition to Self-Sufficiency

After several years of Strong Work Funding, we are proud to announce that our Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Cybersecurity and Networking Pathways will transition to self-sufficiency starting in the fall. This transition is a significant milestone, with four confirmed sections available for students. The strong foundation laid by our dedicated staff and the enthusiastic participation of our students have made this achievement possible.

Culinary Arts Pathway Expansion

The Culinary Arts Pathway continues to flourish under the expert guidance of our CALS instructional staff. Building on the success of our established Baking and Pastry course, we are excited to introduce a new Culinary Arts section in partnership with Costanoa High School. This expansion provides students with more opportunities to develop their culinary skills and explore potential careers in the culinary industry.

Introduction of New Courses

In response to the growing interest and success of our Robotics clubs, the CALS team will pilot two new courses for the 2024-2025 school year.

CTE Robotics Course at Sequoia High School

For the first time, we will offer a CTE Robotics course at Sequoia High School. Led by the innovative CS/Tech+ Team, this course will engage students in designing and building underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Through team collaboration, critical thinking, and programming, students will simulate real-world ROV tasks such as searching for shipwrecks, surveying and repairing coral reefs, maintaining underwater power lines, and supporting aquaculture. This hands-on experience will equip students with valuable skills applicable to various industries.

Medical Terminology Course in Collaboration with Cabrillo College and Local School Districts

Additionally, we are excited to launch a new Medical Terminology course in collaboration with Cabrillo College, Scotts Valley Unified School District, and San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District. Hosted at Scotts Valley Middle School in the fall, this course is designed for students from SCCOE, SVHS, and SLVHS who are interested in pursuing careers in Medical Assisting, Sports Medicine, and Health Services. This collaboration ensures that students gain foundational knowledge and are well-prepared for further education and careers in the health sector.

For all other Santa Cruz County students, CTE counselors are available to assist with enrollment in similar courses available throughout the county.

Stay tuned for more updates and information about our CTE programs, and we look forward to another exciting and productive school year ahead!