Hands-On Green Careers Class Connects Students with Pros in the Field

ROP Green Careers class

The Green Careers field is a growing industry with many diverse applications in science, math, communications, construction, agriculture, and technology. The CTEP Green Careers class at Pajaro Valley High features a hands-on exploration of green career opportunities alongside experts from throughout the region as well as staff from Watsonville Wetlands Watch. In its first year at PV High, 23 students are currently enrolled in the class. The topics to be covered include natural resources, environmental horticulture, energy, water conservation, waste reduction, development, policy, and recreation. For each unit, there is an introduction in the Wetlands Educational Resource Center classroom followed by in-depth exploration of the topic in the field with the tools and technology used by experts. During the introductory unit, students attended a career panel at the Fitz Wetlands Educational Resource Center during which five professionals with a career in the green industry shared their life experience. A field trip has been lined up for each unit where students will have the opportunity to explore a new topic in green careers in their community and network with professionals in the field.

ROP Green Careers class - group photoThe first field trip took place on Friday, September 27th. Students were bused to Ellicott Reserve, a protected habitat area for the endangered Santa Cruz long-toed salamander, owned and managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Students received a tour of the reserve which is part of the Watsonville Slough system, helped to monitor for salamanders, and got to hear about exciting career opportunities from four wildlife biologists and environmental educators.

Later this year students will explore an internship with a local business, agency, or organization. In line with the CTEP mission, students will also develop skills in critical thinking, using technology, professional development, communication, and safety best practices.


For more information about CTEP, visit the CTEP web site (formerly ROP) at http://www.rop.santacruz.k12.ca.us/.