The Wildland Fire Academy: A Successful First Year

The inaugural year of the Wildland Fire Academy has come to a close with the successful completion of two cohorts, marking a significant milestone in our partnership with CAL FIRE and the California Conservation Corps. This program is designed to equip adult students with the essential skills and certifications required for an entry-level firefighter position, providing them with a solid foundation for a career in wildfire management.

An Intensive and Comprehensive Training Program

The Wildland Fire Academy offers an intensive two-week program that blends both field and classroom training. Throughout these two weeks, students are immersed in a curriculum that covers the core aspects of wildfire suppression and firefighter responsibilities. The training program includes:

  • Fire Suppression Techniques: Students learn the fundamental strategies for controlling and extinguishing wildfires.
  • Tool Use and Maintenance: Proper use and upkeep of essential firefighting tools are critical skills taught during the program.
  • Hose Lays and Mobile Attack: Practical exercises in setting up and operating hose lays and mobile attack units are integral parts of the curriculum.
  • Chainsaw Operation: Safe and effective chainsaw use for clearing firebreaks and other tasks is covered extensively.
  • Certification Exams: Students complete certification exams in the evening, ensuring they meet the rigorous standards set by CAL FIRE and the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG).

Looking Ahead

We are excited about the future of The Wildland Fire Academy and our ongoing partnership with CAL FIRE and the California Conservation Corps. This collaboration has proven to be highly effective in preparing the next generation of wildland firefighters, and we look forward to continuing this vital work.

For those interested in joining future cohorts of The Wildland Fire Academy, we encourage you to stay updated by visiting our website.