Innovative Apprenticeship Initiative in Dental Assisting

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education is thrilled to announce its participation in a groundbreaking Apprenticeship initiative. As part of this program, we aim to bridge the gap between education, training, and employment, creating a seamless pathway for career success.

Introducing the Dental Assisting Apprenticeship Program

In our new apprenticeship model, our Dental Assisting program offers two distinct pathways for students to earn their Dental Assisting certifications. This innovative approach ensures that our students receive not only theoretical knowledge but also practical, hands-on experience that is crucial for career readiness in the dental field.

We are on the cusp of finalizing registration for our Dental Assisting Apprenticeship program with California’s Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS). This milestone marks a significant step in providing high-quality training and certification for aspiring dental assistants.

Partnership with Dientes Community Dental Care

A key component of our Dental Assisting Apprenticeship program is our collaboration with Dientes Community Dental Care. As the largest dental organization serving low-income, publicly insured individuals in Santa Cruz County, Dientes is dedicated to delivering high-quality, affordable, and comprehensive dental care to enhance community health.

Through this partnership, Dientes will play a crucial role in recruiting a diverse pipeline of dental assistants. By working together, COE and Dientes aim to establish a network that benefits apprentices and contributes to the overall prosperity of the regional workforce. This collaboration is designed to create valuable opportunities for individuals to pursue in-demand, family-sustaining careers, with ample potential for professional advancement within the dental industry.

Closing Soon: Dental Assisting Applications

The application period for our Dental Assisting program closes at the end of May. We encourage all interested candidates to seize this opportunity to embark on this career path.

For more information on the SCCOE Dental Assisting Apprenticeship program and to submit your application, please visit our website.