Program Spotlight – The New Culinary Career Pathway

For more than 15 years, the COE has offered Culinary courses throughout Santa Cruz County. These courses have provided students the opportunity to explore a career in this field while having the potential to earn both high school and college credit. Due to the expanding interest from students, the CALS team increased the number of sections for Culinary Arts and piloted a new Baking and Pastry class. With increased interest by students, next school year we will be officially offering our courses as a complete Culinary Career Pathway.

Students interested in this pathway will start with the year-long Culinary Arts Course. Once successfully completed, they would be able to take the second course, Baking and Pastry, to complete the pathway. Students taking these courses will have the opportunity to earn a Food Handlers Card which is necessary to work in this industry. Students looking to continue further in this field will have the opportunity to progress further through the Cabrillo College Culinary Programs.

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