Dewitt-Anderson School

DeWitt Anderson School Overview

DeWitt Anderson School provides an educational environment for female teens who are supported in setting and achieving academic goals. The school focuses on the unique challenges that face adolescent girls. The teaching and counseling staff are trained and experienced in supporting students as they transition to comprehensive high school, the work place, or college. The curriculum emphasizes women’s studies and art in addition to basic academics, and students have the opportunity to work in an organic garden.

School-Wide Goals

In Alternative Education, we become more…
Literate – Knowledgable, life-long learners.
Ethical – Kind to ourselves, others, and the world.
Empowered – Prepared to create our futures.

DeWitt Anderson School
Phone: (831) 786-3890
Fax: (831) 786-3904
Address: 2716 Freedom Blvd.,
Corralitos CA
Ages: 12 to 18 year old female students.