Escuela Quetzal

Escuela Quetzal Overview

Escuela Quetzal is a school counseling program designed for youth who are willing to actively participate in counseling services to learn how to make empowered decisions toward positive, personal growth. The program is made possible through collaboration, communication, and self-reflection in order for students to see the positive impact each can have on his/her community. Each day students attend core academic classes and receive group and individual counseling. Family and community involvement are also important components of the program to develop a known purpose that each individual can fulfill. Along with academics, students are offered courses in art, vocational education, sports, an organic garden, and computer training.

School-Wide Goals

In Alternative Education, we strive to become more…
Curious – Engaged, knowledge-seeking, life-long learners.
Conscientious – Kind to ourselves, compassionate with  others, responsible to our communities, and active stewards of the environment.
Confident – Self-empowered, self-actualized, community and globally active individuals.

Escuela Quetzal
Phone: (831) 786-0558
Fax: (831) 728-3629
Address: 241 East Lake Ave., Watsonville, CA 95076
Grade: 9 through 12