Oasis High School Aptos

Oasis High School Aptos Overview

Oasis High School is a school designed for students who benefit from an individualized learning plan through independent study, which is intended to meet student needs, interests, and learning styles as well as school district curriculum and graduation requirements. Our mission is to support students in earning a high school diploma and to serve as a bridge to community college. Oasis High School provides selected college preparatory, credit recovery, and remediated coursework.  Within the encouraging environment of Oasis, students refine their academic goals and develop the skills to achieve them.

School-Wide Goals

In Alternative Education, we strive to become more…
Curious – Engaged, knowledge-seeking, life-long learners.
Conscientious – Kind to ourselves, compassionate with  others, responsible to our communities, and active stewards of the environment.
Confident – Self-empowered, self-actualized, community and globally active individuals.

Oasis High School Aptos 
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Address: 6500 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95060