Sequoia Academy

John Rice
John Rice
Senior Director, Alternative Education Program
(831) 466-5724
Cristal Renteria
Assistant Director, Alternative Education
(831) 466-5685

Sequoia Academy overview

Sequoia Academy is a unique school designed to assist students who need extra support with study skills and setting educational goals. The emphasis is on individualized learning. Students attending Success have the opportunity to work with teachers and support staff who have a wide variety of teaching methods and resources at their disposal to encourage students to excel.

School-Wide Goals

In Alternative Education, we become more…
Literate –    Knowledgable, life-long learners.
Ethical –     Kind to ourselves, others, and the world.
Empowered –     Prepared to create our futures.

Sequoia Academy
Phone: (831) 466-5680
Address: 229 Green Valley Road, Freedom, CA 95019